So blessed, I can't contain it

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I thought if I kept waiting for the perfect layout, perfect hosting, perfect everything, I'll never be able to start blogging again. So due to this uncontainable happiness that I'm feeling right now, here you go-- my overflowing happiness in a form of words in LITSWD's first ever blog post.

A lot of my friends know that a huge slice of Laysa's happiness pie is named "sky." Alright, fine, I did that just to be able to connect it with the blog name, but you get it: I love flying. Not simply just flying, but flying CHEAP. By cheap, to me that means booking international flights below 6,000 PHP and 2,000 PHP for the local ones.

Earlier today, my favorite budget airline (HURRAY CEBU PACIFIC) released a promo fare and I swear I just stopped myself from crying-- BECAUSE I CAN'T EVEN. I. CANNOT. EVEN. The fares were so cheap it felt like a joke. It was too good to be true; and thou shan't let the good ones run away. (Or not!) And so I did book. It was surreal. It was unbelievable. CAN U FEEL ME?!! I AM SPAZZING SO INTENSELY.

Let me start my list of thank you's:

To Wana: My instant travel buddy BFF whom I met online in 2010. #nikitaverse Seems selfish but who wouldn't be grateful about not having to consider anybody's schedule but yours because your travel buddy can simply travel anytime, anywhere. Thanks to her dad working in an airline company! (Somebody get me a pilot husband!!!!)

Jeepney selfie of Wana and I on the way to Mount Maculot in Batangas

To my Credit Card: "Credit cards are like swords: It can either save you or kill you." So thank you BPI Credit Card for approving my application (because CITIBANK won't approve moi) and for being my sword for the past few months since I got this swipy thing. I am seriously killing this credit thingamajig!! 

A screen capture from my financial sheet earlier today

To Cebu Pacific: 'nuff said. I adore you. You may be an undervalued company, but you don't know how much I value you especially during those 3 years we've already spent. I've been loyal ever since, you, my one and only, until that  0.01 AirAsia promo fare. LOL.

To my One and Only Love: To my ever-capable and willing Father who blesses me with all of the above; you are Wonderful. I do hope I won't fall asleep later as I just decided to pray some thanksgiving instead of typing it. Thank you for the instant answered prayer. Who would have thought an 11 thousand promo flight can still plummet to a whopping 1,500 PHP?? Truly unimaginable.

Well, that concludes it. My fragile heart's desire is to entertain and educate my friends so let's hope I'd finally sustain this blogging thing. 

P.S. I just set-up a financial blog, too. Meanwhile this one, by the way, is for my plethora of hobbies and interests (e.g. travel, astronomy, personality, work, lurve, struggling christian life, indie music, books, what-freakin-else, you name it).

P.S.S. Thank you for my old-soul best friend, Rachelle, for my blog name. Xx

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