Constantly contradicting myself

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...because I genuinely see multiple sides to most situations.
I know just enough about me and my personality that I don't feel bad about myself anymore due to my inability to pick a side-- from which side of bed to sleep on to my stand on the death penalty. People (well few of my 'friends' and an ex) used to make me doubt myself due to my indecisiveness on certain matters and you know what, that feeling: SUCKS.

I just realized I'm not stupid

It's a self-induced feeling for sure; my highly-sensitive self exacerbated it and I am fully aware of that now, thanks to Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (also known as MBTI). I just enjoy learning about my ENFP self (sometimes a bit ENFJ) perhaps because of the sense of belonging-ness it gives me and that sort of an assurance that I am no crazy. Or that we are a bunch of crazies. Wait, what the heck am I even talking about?

Basically, MBTI is a personality test, a bunch of questions that will designate you to one (but I believe it can be two) of the 16 defined types of personalities. Each personality type is called some four-letter name such as ENFP, INTJ, ESFP, etc. These letters aren't random, they actually mean something. See below: 

ENFP Represent! Credits to

Like a certified ENFP, I just got bored writing this (it's actually surprising that I'm trying to finish despite the crappy connection) and will end this blog post in a few more sentences. Actually, the primary reason I thought of writing about my MBTI obsession was this article, but turns out, I wasn't able to start talking about it and proly not ever going to anymore. So much for trying to counteract things (#trying #sonotme). 

Today's pretty productive-- also exhausting-- as I did a general cleaning of my room + led the first of my team's internal meeting. I will now post random photos I got from Google in relation to ENFPs (credit goes to their respective owners). See if you can relate!


This combination simply explained everything LOL

Livin' la vida!
ENFP, indeed :)

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